In this paper, we propose ''ExtensionSticker", a striped pattern sticker that can extend touch interface by simply attaching the sticker to a touch panel display. This sticker has multiple conductive lines, and when the user touches on the sticker, a touch input can be generated. This method is not only touch input as specif.c locations, but allows for continuous touch input such as scrolling operation. This allows a user to prototype an interface to extend touch panel devices easily. Furthermore, we experimented on the recognition accuracy of scroll and tap actions using the proposed method.

How to use MilboxTouch

In the case of touch inputs through the extension part are not detected, please try the following.

This could improve sensitivity for touch detection and prevent the inoperability problem. We have been reported iPhone(s) having this problem.

SXSW 2016 Interactive Innovation Awards Finalists

MilboxTouchは 2016年 SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards VR&AR部門でファイナリストに選出されました .

“MilboxTouch” is the only selection from a Japanese company chosen as a VR & AR category finalist at the American SXSW 2016 Interactive Innovation Awards. 

MilboxTouch 販売 (2015 - 2017)

VR FREEK - MilboxTouch Developer Kit -

MilboxTouchは 2016年10月8日に発売された VR FREEK 秋号の付録となりました。

本研究はWHITE Inc. 及び、サンメッセ株式会社と共同で開発を行ったものです。