Double-Sided Printed TactileDisplay

Humans can perceive tactile sensation through multimodal stimuli. To demonstrate realistic pseudo tactile sensation for the users, a tactile display is needed that can provide multiple tactile stimuli. In this paper, we have explicated a novel printed tactile display that can provide both the electrical stimulus and the electrostatic force. The circuit patterns for each stimulus were fabricated by employing the technique of double-sided conductive ink printing. Requirements for the fabrication process were analyzed and the durability of the tactile display was evaluated. Users' perceptions of a single tactile stimulus and multiple tactile stimuli were also investigated. The obtained experimental results indicate that the proposed tactile display is capable of exhibiting realistic tactile sensation and can be incorporated by various applications such as tactile sensation printing of pictorial illustrations and paintings. Furthermore, the proposed hybrid tactile display can contribute to accelerated prototyping and development of new tactile devices.